grey hair: pravana silver after 2 months

9 weeks ago i colored my hair with the pravana chromasilk vivids silver color. you can read the previous post here.

just to remind you, here is the picture right after coloring:

my hair was already cold toned but really light. i wanted to my hair darker grey color and i achieved that very well.

this is how the color looks now. (don't mind my hair, this is how it looks if i sleep with wet hair..)

so as you can see, the hair is clearly not so dark anymore, but the silver tone is definitely still there. i would say the darker tone lasted maybe for one month and after it has stayed in this tone. i haven't experienced anymore the color fading. i think i will do recolor in 1-2 months, because i want to bleach my roots before and it's easier when the hair is overall more lighter.

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