klippoteket silver spray balsam

last time i went to buy the klippoteket silver products this bottle had appeared on the shelves. because i love their silver shampoo and conditioner i obviously had to try the spray balsam.

i wasn't completely satisfied with the product because i wouldn't really call it conditioning. i would say it's only a silver spray. if you have tried four reasons silver mist, you would like this product too, this just has better pump since the spray comes out more fine.

i apply the product to damp hair before drying. i recommend applying to wet hair because then the spray blends more to the hair. when applied to dry hair the color can get patchy. i don't necessarily recommend the spray for someone who has yellow toned hair because the contrast is too big. this spray is better for someone who already has more cold toned hair to maintain the color.

i don't remember the exact price but i think it was around 8€ like the other silver products.

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