gerard cosmetics lip pencils & star powder

about a month ago gerard cosmetics launched their lip pencils. currently there is 4 shades: red (immortal), brown (cher), nude (nude) and peach (peachy keen). i ordered peachy keen and nude because i didn't have anything similar yet. i also wanted a highlighter in lighter shade than my current h&m one, so i bought the star powder in shade "grace". there is 7 different shades to match all skin colors, grace is the lightest.

okay let me rave about this highlighter packaging! the mirror is a plus, but what i really love is the powder cover that helps keep the interior tidy.

"peachy keen" lip pencil

when i first swatched the lip pencils in my hand i was excited since they felt very pigmented and smooth. unfortunately the peachy keen pencil was very poor quality (can it be manufacturing error?). i had to work hard to get the pigment stay on my lips, and the consistent was very waxy. as you can see it has crumbled all over my lips.

"nude" lip pencil

fortunately the nude lip pencil was as i have hoped. it was easy and smooth to apply. just wished they would have both been like this! the formula is very long lasting and needs a waterproof remover to take off.

lip pencils are 16$ each and star powder 36$. always check discounts for example in instagram since i paid only around 36$ for all of the three products.

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