nyx haul

in april nyx finally landed in finland! i was excited to try their products since i don't have so much experience of them and the prices are very affordable. 

nyx full coverage concealer "orange"

i wanted to try the youtube trend of putting orange concealer to under eyes, but it just didn't work for me. no matter how little amount i did put, it always started creasing. and to be honest i didn't see any difference on using only normal concealer. this one i actually bought from ebay already before, i think it's not sold in finland.

nyx extra creamy round lipstick "power"

the formula is as the name says, extra creamy. comfortable in the lips, but because of that it doesn't last very well. the color is not very easy to pull off - but nyx is all about crazy colors. and as you know, i absolutely love lilac and grey lipsticks!

nyx wonder stick "light/medium"

i'm always looking compact options for contour&highlight since my smashit palette is too big to carry around. the wonder stick has been a great and easy solution. the packaging comes with good instructions so it's easy for a beginner to start. only negative thing is that sometimes i struggle with the right amount of product. you need to be careful with blending since the product moves quite a bit and kind of "disappears". the wonder stick comes in 4 different shades. i will do a youtube tutorial of this product later, so come back to visit my page!

nyx lip lingerie "satin ribbon" 

this one i bought a little later so it's not in the other pictures. it would be a good reference to try the darker shades as well since lighter shades are always harder to formulate. the nude shade is nice, but it cracks a little bit. i wouldn't say the lipstick is 100% transfer proof, but a good budget option, since it costs under 10€.

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